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“Jancy Labs Pvt Ltd” is an independent ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified laboratory that focus on delivery testing services to various civil industries, roads and building construction units etc.,

Jancy Labs Pvt Ltd, motto is to exceed the expectation of the customer requirements through a well knitted and organized laboratory quality system in delivering the customer, quality and reliable testing services.

The laboratory was established in the year October 2018 named as Jay Aar Material Testing Lab (P) Ltd with a view to cater the services in the field of testing of building materials, rocks & soils for various civil industries, roads and building construction units with respect to Mechanical testing of Aggregates, Bitumen, Bitumen / Asphalt Mixtures, Cement, Soils and Rock materials etc.,

The laboratory has been named as Jancy Labs Private Limited in February 2019 which is a private limited organization headed by Mr. O. Santhosh Kumar, and is the Director of this laboratory. The laboratory was registered with Government of India vide Certificate of Incorporation in July 2019.

We Provide Services in Madurai and Tamilnadu Like soil testing lab, cement testing lab, steel testing lab, bricks testing lab concrete testing lab, bitumen testing lab in Madurai, asphalt mix testing lab in Tamilnadu, BBD testing lab in Tamilnadu, FWD testing lab in Madurai, UPV testing lab, bridge testing Lab, road testing lab in Madurai, SBC testing lab in Tamilnadu, construction water testing lab in Madurai, cube and beam testing lab in Tamilnadu, building materials testing lab in Tamilnadu and etc.,

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Certified lab for testing all construction materials like soil , aggregate , cement , bitumen etc.. Staffs are technically sound and customer service is good , on time delivery of reports.


If you need an accurate result for your construction project, go for it… Good work team, keep it up.. 🙂


Best lab for testing civil construction materials in Tamil Nadu


Only the Best



All Quality control tests for materials used in road construction are tested according to standards approved by SH, NH, NHAI & PWD.



Quality control tests for materials used are done according to standards approved by SH, NH, NHAI & PWD.



Quality control tests for Building materials such as bricks, blocks, concrete, steel are done as per Indian standards.

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Road Geometry

NSV offers an integrated GPS and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to record the geometry of the road at normal traffic speeds. Standard outputs include Gradient, Cross-slope, and Radius of Curvature. Alternatively, LCMS users can opt for an upgrade to record road geometry.

Location Referencing & GPS

Accurate location referencing, including GPS locations, are critical for any data collection system. NSV employs high-resolution odometers for extremely accurate chainage / distance measurements and offers several options for compatible GPS receivers.

Laser crack measurement system (lcms)

The LCMS employs 2 high-powered scanning lasers and represents the latest direction of data collection systems. Recording extremely detailed 3D profiles of the road surface, the LCMS is able to analyze and calculate a wide variety of pavement data. Including the following :

Cracking (Including width, depth, length, type and even sealed cracks)
Rut depth, width and cross-sectional area
MPD Macro-texture
Ravelling detection
Pothole detection
Concrete joints and faulting
Water pooling depths
Pavement images automatically overlaid with defects
LCMS offers advanced features which overcome a number of real-world limitations of traditional equipment. Incuding the ability to detect pavement markings to compensate for driver wander and exclude any data from outside the lane.

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No.6, Ganesh Nagar 3rd street, Alagar koil Main road, Behind K.Pudur E1 police station, Madurai -07
+91 86800 49004

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